Mounting Options

1/2" Wood Floating Mount

This is the standard mount for the 11"x14" and 11"x17" size prints, and can be used on 16"x20" and 16"x24" prints to reduce cost.

3/4" Wood Wall Float Mount

3/4" Wood 

This is the standard mount for all prints 16"x20" and larger.  This is also the frame used for all LED backlighting.  The 3/4" frame allows enough frame depth to accommodate the battery pack that powers the LED lighting.  All 11"x17" prints will be upgraded to a 3/4" wood wall frame mount if LED backlighting is requested.

Aluminum Wall Float Mount

This wall float is available in 3/4" and 1 1/4" thickness.  It is also available in silver or black in both sizes. This mounting option is recommended for prints that will be hung outdoors, bathrooms, or other areas that are subject to wet conditions.

Aluminum Edge Mount

The Aluminum Edge Mounts come in 2 sizes and two colors   The sizes are.75" and 1.25" deep, and the colors are silver and black.  These mounting options are an additional cost and the price varies on the size of the print, and the thickness of the edge mount you.   Additional costs can range from $25 to $80.  In the images to the right the silver edge mount frame is shown with the 1.25" depth, and the black edge mount frame is shown in the .75" depth.

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