Benwood Wreck, Key Largo, Florida, 2009


Jawfish are a colorful, small fish that builds a nest in the sand, and are also one of several species called mouthbrooders.  Male Jawfish will keep the eggs in their mouths until they hatch.  This circulates water around the eggs and keeps them viable.  This photograph does not show that behavior, but is still a great image.  Jawfish are very shy and hard to get close to.  It takes several minutes for them to maybe get comfortable around divers, especially ones with large camera systems. Once they do get comfortable it can provide a spectacular image full of color as seen here.  There is a colony of Jawfish nests at the bow of the Benwood wreck site off of Key Largo and it is one of the first places I head when diving that site in the hopes of one day catching a male with eggs!



Yellow Headed Jawfish

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