Eluthera Island, Bahamas, 2011


Parrotfish are colorful fish that are very common around the world.  Their teeth are fused as one and very strong.  This allows them to graze algae off of the rocks, but they do get some rock and coral along with the algae.  This passes through them and actually creates sand.  Parrotfish are only active during the day and at night they wedge themselves into the reef and secrete a mucus around themselves that protects them from predators such as moray eels by keeping them from being able to get the scent of the parrotfish.  I was night diving at Jake’s Hole of the southwestern coast of Eleuthera when this parrotfish came into view.  You need to be careful when photographing parrotfish at night because if you disturb them and they break their mucus they cannot regenerate it and then do not get any rest and risk become food for a hungry eel.


16x20 Metallic Print under Acrylic


Parrotfish Acrylic Print

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