Anemones are common in Fijian waters and that allowed ample subjects to photograph.  They usually grow in clusters and will have several anemone fish around which probably enhances reproduction.  What is really amazing though that in nature there are nearly 1000 species of anemones but only 10 host anenomefishes!  There are 28 species of anenomefishes and they will only find refuge with specific types of anemones in the wild.  Another fact is how much we truly do not know about anemones.  


This anemone is probably of the species Heteractis Crispa and has tentacles about 4 inches long and can grow to a diameter of about 20 inches.  H. Crispa plays host to 14 different species of anenomefish.  This particular anemone is close to that size and his hosting the Fijian variation of the anenomefish, Amphiprion Melanopus, which is also know as the Red and Black Anenomefish.



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