Frequently Asked Questions

Why print on Metal/Aluminum?

I have printed my images on several different media over the years and I have come to be impressed with the details and colors printing on aluminum displays over other mediums. I had printed my image "Sunflower Coral at Night" originally on a Kodak metallic paper and loved how it looked. I have since printed it on metallic paper under acrylic, and on aluminum. If you saw any of these three mediums by themselves you would say they all look incredible. However when you put all three side by side your eyes are immediately drawn to the exceptional detail and pop of color of the metal print. Another advantage is that these prints are ready to hang without having the further cost of framing the image. They look great just as they are. You can put them in a frame if you choose, and that comes down to personal taste and design aesthetics.

What are the advantages of Metal/Aluminum prints?

Metal prints on aluminum have several advantages over other mediums: The reflective quality of the aluminum panels adds luminous color, depth, and high resolution detail to your favorite photos. Aluminum is natural tear-proof and waterproof, as well as scratch and UV resistant 3x better than the best paper printing process, ensuring your metal prints stay gorgeous for a long, long time. Metal prints come ready to hang for a stunning contemporary look. No frames required. Lighter and easier to handle than traditional framed prints or prints under acrylic The prints are 100% recycled premium grade aluminum sheets that are also 100% recyclable, making them 100% waste free.

Can aluminum prints be framed?

You can frame the aluminum prints if you like. I recommend that you do not get any mount and just have the aluminum print. This allows framers to set it in the frame and finish it properly. When you order an aluminum print and with to frame it select the standard option on the mount and put in your notes that you are framing it and do not want any mount on the aluminum print.

Do I need to frame an aluminum print?

No. The wall float mounts and aluminum mounts look spectacular and no additional frame is needed. I have had clients who prefer them framed to match their aesthetics and style. Please read below on how to order an aluminum print if you wish to frame it.

What if my photograph arrives damaged?

In the unlikely case that your order is damaged during shipping take pictures of the packaging and the print and send them to within 3 days of the photograph arriving. All orders are insured and a new photograph will be made and shipped as soon as possible. Do not throw the packaging or print away. It may be needed to process the insurance claim until notified by Orange Diamond Underwater Photography.

Why would you choose the aluminum wall float mount over the wood wall float mount?

The aluminum mounts will not absorb moisture if displayed outside or in high humidity climates. They also are preferable if you are hanging your aluminum print in a bathroom. The wood mount in those environments may warp over time and is not recommended in those situations.

I want to hang this in a bathroom or outdoors?

Awesome! All photographs whether printed on paper or aluminum will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Having said that aluminum prints are roughly three times more resistant to fading than paper prints and are a great choice if you want to display them outside. If you do hang them outside try to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. I also recommend the aluminum wall float mounts as that will resist moisture better than the wood wall float mounts. Wood wall float mounts may warp or deform if rained on or if displayed in areas with lots of humidity.

Are the photographs all signed?

I sign all aluminum prints on the front unless you request something different by adding a note when checking out. I try to place it in a corner where it is out of the way and as small as possible. If you would like it signed on the back mention that in a note during checkout or send an email to I will also not sign your print if you request it. I do not sign paper prints unless you request it by adding a note during checkout.

What if I don’t want it signed?

If you do not want your aluminum print signed please request that by adding a note during checkout or sending an email to

What mounts come standard?

Wood Wall Float Mounts- 11”x14” and smaller sizes will come standard with the 1/2” natural wood wall float mount. 11”x17” and larger sizes will come standard with the 3/4” black wood wall float mount. Aluminum Wall Float Mounts- 8”x12” and 11”x14” sizes will only come with the 3/4” thickness in the color of your choice. You can choose either 3/4” or 1.25” thicknesses in your choice of color with the 11”x17” and larger sizes. Limited Edition Aluminum Edge Mounts- 8”x12” and 11”x14” sizes will only come with the 3/4” thickness in the color of your choice. You can choose either 3/4” or 1.25” thicknesses in your choice of color with the 11”x17” and larger sizes.