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Orange Diamond Photography

Orange Diamond Photography is a Veteran owned business that has developed fine art images on metal prints featuring wildlife, landscapes, and underwater images from around the world.  


An orange diamond was worn on the back of the helmets of the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions during the D Day invasion of France in WWII. These markings allowed Rangers to quickly recognize each other in the chaos and confusion of combat.  The orange diamond is still currently used, unofficially, by current and former Rangers to identify each other, and represents the "elite, light, and most proficient" Infantry battalion in the world.  I spent over 7 years in the 2nd Ranger Battlaion and participated in the combat parachute jump into Panama in 1989.  I chose Orange Diamond Photography to represent the excellence that was expected during my Army career, and that I continue to work towards in my photography!

Jeff Mallo

     Jeff's dad kept wondering why he was wasting his time and money on scuba diving trips, because there was "nothing to see below the water".   That was his original motivation for taking images of the incredible corals, fish, and invertebrates that live in our magnificent oceans, and that most people did not know existed.  


     Since those early days he has completed over 1000 dives from Ohio quarries, Texas lakes, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean; a majority with a camera in hand.   Jeff has won several live aboard boat photo contests, and recently placed third in a judged photographic contest organized by the Colorado Photography Learning Group.  

     Jeff recently retired from the Army after 27 years of military service, and is currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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